Friday, July 1, 2011

Extra Extra!

Here is an article I've written about the plight of women writers. It's funny. And short!

Virginia Woolf Was Right: How I Learned I Was The Luckiest Writer Alive


  1. I read this on WOW today and had to cheer your partner for cheering you on ( I am the other type of woman, a house with kids, the job, the fat cats, the husband, and I write in between the manic, but like you I write. I've come to believe that writing is about taking that first step - regardless of our sex, and there after staying with it, but it's like going to the gym, hardest habit to make, but the easiest to break. Good post, btw.

  2. thanks for the comment, brenda! there are so many inspiring women out there who, like yourself, juggle so much life and still manage to write (or create other types of art). it's definitely easy to put writing at the bottom of the list, though--i am making a real effort to write before i do the dishes or the laundry! the dishes can wait. creativity cannot!