Katie Christensen
Our protagonist. Katie is 33, and always planned to be a professional artist. She was living in Vancouver with Bobby, but when things got serious she fled back to Toronto -- she didn't want to be a wife and mother. She wanted to be more than that. But now she's got a mortgage, a steady office job supervising a graphics team at an ad agency, a missing, alcoholic, homeless sister, and a lot of residual guilt over Bobby. In short, she's not really in an artistic headspace. She is short, a bit too thin, with long dark hair, and a rather scattered, unprofessional wardrobe. 

Melissa Williams
Katie's beautiful, talented best friend. Very good at her job, which is in the copy department at the same firm Katie works for. She is driven, proud, and a good, loyal friend, except that she is in the middle of two crises: her ex-fiance has married the woman he was cheating on her with, and she is struggling to land a major client at work.

Eoin Verdon
Katie's love interest. Tall, gangly, with long, skinny feet and curly blonde hair. Irish, living in Canada somewhat illegally. Emerging artist. Very kind.

Anne Christensen
Katie's older sister. She used to be a big deal on Bay Street but she developed a drinking problem. She's been living "rough" for the past year or so. Katie worries that Anne is disappointed with her -- Anne recently left Katie a note that said, "you were going to be fantastic." Anne always believed that Katie would be a professional artist.

Melissa's "other" best friend. Tall, robust, intimidating, she and Katie jockey for Melissa's attention. Nora filled in while Katie was living in Vancouver. She is an urban planner.

A nerdy, shy member of Katie's staff who has a secret talent for improv comedy.

One of Katie's staff. Having a not-so-secret love affair with Paul.

One of Katie's staff. Having a not-so-secret love affair with Mike. 

Aunt Angela
Katie's free-spirited aunt. She is a recovering alcoholic.

Katie's Mother
A stressed, anxious woman who is ready to give up on her older daughter. Continues to feel as though Katie has not yet fully accepted the responsibilities of adulthood, and wishes she'd give up her dreams and focus on the reality of her job, house, and behaving responsibly.

Don "Juan" Ambrose 
Katie's boss. He is a handsome, smooth-talker, but not in a creepy way. He refers to Katie as "Katherine".

Anne's husband. He is getting tired and frustrated with Anne's long absence. 

Anne's 3-year-old son. 

Katie's ex-boyfriend. He loved her a lot, and proposed, but she fled Vancouver and came back to Toronto so she wouldn't have to live a "boring" life.