Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm a Winner! (and a nominee)

Last week something super-fun happened! Mary Kate Leahy at House of Laoch awarded me my first blog award. It's called the 7x7 Link Award.

The idea is that I find seven posts on my blog that fit seven categories, and then I award the 7x7 award to seven of my favourite bloggers!

So here goes:

Most Beautiful --Chapter Fifteen: In which Katie makes a speech and a friend shows up to save the day!
Katie's emotions are very real and honest in this chapter; it's the first time she seems very vulnerable. I was definitely in The Zone while writing it, which is a beautiful experience, and I think that the writing itself is pretty lovely, too. I have also gotten lots of great, positive comments about this one, (many of you thought it was a really moving read), which is beautiful, too!
At the end of Chapter Five, I really thought you'd all go for the "Stalk Ex Boyfriend On Facebook" option. I was so confident, in fact, that my second option, which was "Have Supper at Her Mother's House" was kind of a throw-away: I didn't think I'd have to write it. But then you all picked the wrong one, and suddenly I had to write about Katie and her mother. In the end, this proved to be an extremely helpful post to have to write, because I had to explore Katie's family life, which ended up creating a much more intricate story about Anne, the homeless sister.

Surprise, surprise! The first chapter has had the most views. Now if I could somehow get those people who stopped reading after one chapter to move on to Chapter Two, ect...

Most Controversial -- In Chapter 19: In which Katie attempts Cognitive Therapy Katie has to decide what to eat for supper -- Thai or Italian. In the chapter, Katie makes some rather stereotypical observations about the other cultures with whom she shares Toronto. While nothing of what she says is overtly racist, I wondered if Katie's comments, such as worrying about the restaurant being filled with "intimidating Italian men in their undershirts, drinking tiny cups of coffee, leering at her" and her insistence on referring to the man who owns the Thai restaurant as "Mr Thai", might be construed as insensitive and, well, not very P.C. I did hope that within the rest of the chapter, Katie's uncomfortable ignorance might be humorous, and, I suspect, somewhat familiar to some of us...But I still worried this was a bit controversial.

Most Successful --Well, obviously THIS one that you're reading right now, since this is the post where I'm talking about my award!

Most Under-rated -- In June I attempted Jenny's First Giveaway! in which I was giving away a novel to a lucky reader. I was convinced I'd have dozens of people clambering to win the book, and I didn't. I really thought this was just the best idea ever, but my readers just waited patiently for me to post another chapter. What did I learn? My readers aren't interested in winning other authors' novels. They're interested in reading mine. Which is pretty great, actually.

Most Pride-worthy -- I think this would have to go to the last chapter I've written (in this case, Chapter 34: In which Melissa cries cause she wants to. (You would cry, too, if it happened to you.). I'm proudest of the last chapter I wrote, because it means I'm still writing.

So now I will nominate seven other super bloggers! They are:

Retirement is Work, where the Reluctant Retiree finds one good (and funny, and true) thing to say each day about retirement.

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Kitchen Retro, where you can look at fun old advertisements, and read witty commentary by a fine writer!

Adventures of Cinderita Rita is currently engaged in a super-awesome project in which she hugs a new stranger every day for a year. By the end of the year she'll have 365 new friends! Where Cherie shares wise words about writing. I also quite like this blog's design!

Also, I just discovered I've been nominated for the 2011 Canadian Weblog Awards in the Best Written, Humour, and Writing & Literature categories!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chapter 34: In which Melissa cries cause she wants to. (You would cry, too, if it happened to you.)

They stood there in silence for a while. The party was in full swing in the next room, but any minute now Nora would appear to whisk them off to the VIP lounge. Or Eoin would show up. And Katie hadn’t really told Eoin anything about Bobby, about the breakup, about any of it. And Rebecca was going to come out of the bathroom eventually.  Katie needed to take action, she needed to make a move. But she was frozen -- it was those Terrible Four Months all over again, when she was overcome with fear.

Luckily she didn’t have to say anything, because for once Bobby spoke first. “Listen, Katie, I didn’t come back for you.”

“You didn’t?”

“No. I’m actually here to check out a new artist. Perhaps you've heard of him? Eoin Verdon?"

"I'm sorry. What?" People were talking, the music was loud, Rebecca was singing "Dancing Queen" loudly over the flushing toilet. Maybe Katie hadn't heard him right.

Bobby leaned in closer, took her elbow. "I said, Eoin Verdon. He's a new artist, an up-and-comer, and the museum wants to talk to him about a project he's working on."

"Oh." This was a wrinkle.

"So do you know him? I mean, I know you're back in the art scene." Because you left me and our life together in order to pursue your career as an artist, so you'd damn well better be making a name for yourself was what Katie was reading loud and clear between the lines.  

"Yeah." She took a deep breath -- she would have to tell him. After all, Eoin was at the party. He was kind of her boyfriend. Bobby was going to find out soon; better it come from her. "He's actually....Umm.... We met a couple of months ago--"

Just then the bathroom door opened and out strolled Rebecca, who was holding a hair-brush as a microphone. "Young and sweet, only seventeen..." she trilled, rather off-key, but it didn't matter -- her volume more than made up for it. "Come on, kids!" With an arm around both their shoulders, she pulled them in for a group sing-along. "You can dance, you can ji-hive, having the time of your life, ooohooh!" Bobby and Katie swung and sung along for a couple of lines. Rebecca patted them both on the cheeks, handed the hair brush to Bobby, and began bopping along to the song her in head on her way towards the rest of the party.

But the interlude was only a temporary reprieve. Katie couldn't hide forever. "The thing is, Bobby, Eoin's here tonight. We're --"

"He's here?" Bobby's eyes lit up. "I wasn't sure how to find him. We have no information on where he lives, where he works. And you know him! Can you introduce us?"

"It's not like he's Bansky, or something," said Katie, feeling somewhat irritated. Suddenly Bobby was more interested in Eoin than he was in her.

"Not yet," Bobby finished off his drink. "But he's going to be huge, Katie."

"Is he?" Katie tried to quash the jealousy that was surfacing. She couldn't be competing for her ex- boyfriend's attention with her new boyfriend. That was crazy.  And yet, Katie never imagined that the first thing she'd be talking with Bobby about, after nearly a year of no contact, would be Eoin.

"So how are you doing?" She laid a hand on Bobby's arm, trying to bring the conversation back to them. "How have you been? It's a shock to see you here. I'd love to catch up."  

"Of course," Bobby said. "Yes, we'll totally have to chat. But listen, can we talk to Eoin first? Just in case he's going home early. Or has another party to go to. You know artists!"

"Yeah. Okay. But listen, Bobby, I should tell you something. It's --" Suddenly her cell phone was ringing. It was Melissa. “Just a sec,” she said to Bobby. “Hello?”

“Katie! Where are you?”

“I’m at your party. Where are you?”

“I’m in the elevator.”


“Can you come please? Come to the elevator?” Melissa was clearly crying.

“Okay.” Katie hung up. “Look, Bobby, I know this is bizarre, but it’s Melissa. She’s having some sort of crisis. Can, um, can it wait to meet Eoin? I should really deal with whatever this is.”

“Sure.” Bobby and Melissa had always been friends. “If she’s having a meltdown at her own party, this must be serious.”

“Thanks. I promise I won’t leave until we have a chance to talk.”

On her way out of the apartment, Katie found Eoin in the kitchen, pouring himself a drink. “Listen,” she said. “I have to find Melissa. She’s having a crisis. She’s summoned me to the elevators.”

Eoin raised an eyebrow (damn he was sexy). “That sounds intense,” he said. “Take fortifications.” He handed her a bottle of white wine and a bag of pretzels.  

“Thank you.” She hugged him quickly, fiercely, and hurried to find her friend.


“She’s what?”

“Pregnant. Five months, apparently.” Melissa took a deep gulp of wine.

“And they told you this?” Katie took the bottle from her. They had put an emergency stop on the elevator and they were drinking while suspended in mid-air. The situation was that dire.

“Yep. When they arrived. It was pretty obvious, though. Georgina’s like, already out to here.” Melissa put a hand about two feet in front of her tiny, flat stomach.

“Do you think that’s why they got married?” Katie nibbled on a pretzel.

“I don’t know, Katie. All I know is I was finally feeling okay about them as a couple, I mean we made ‘friends’,” she air-quoted the word, “at the wedding, but that was before this. This is …” Melissa took the bottle from her friend.

“Yeah.” Katie took it back. They drank in silence for a while.

“So, this changes things.” Katie handed Melissa the last sip.

“Well, kinda. Don’t you think?”

“But you never wanted kids,” Katie’s voice was careful, measured.

“That doesn’t mean she gets to have any!” Melissa’s voice was not.

“I see where you’re coming from.” Katie leaned over and hugged her normally calm, cool friend. “Do you think we can stay in here all night?”

Melissa wiped her eyes. “No. It’s my party. I should go back.” She didn’t move.

“You don’t have to. You can totally cry if you want to. That lady in the '50s made it a rule. And, if you think about it, your situation is pretty much the same as hers was.”  

“You know, 'Judy and Johnny just walked through the door, like a queen with her king, oh what a birthday surprise, Judy’s wearing his ring!'” Katie’s singing voice was marginally better than Rebecca’s, but it still made Melissa laugh."So should we go in there and face your ex and his demon spawn?"

“I’m pretty sure David and Georgina left.” Melissa fished around the pretzel bag.


“Yeah. I told them they were a couple of insensitive assholes and that they had to leave.”

“Sounds about right.”

“Not before I got my present from them, though.” Melissa pulled an envelope out of her pocket and took out a gift card for Swiss Chalet.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Dave knows I like the dipping sauce.” At that Katie and Melissa started laughing, quite hard, actually. So hard they forgot the pretzels in the elevator when they went back to the party.


“You’re just in time!” Nora greeted them at the door to her apartment. She was in a cool navy blue leather jacket. “We’re just about to get going. Where were you two?”

“Getting drunk in the elevator,” Melissa said.

“Sure,” said Nora. “Whatever.” She ushered them inside, where party-goers were gathering, putting on shoes and jackets. “We’re going to be late for our reservation. So chop, chop everyone!”

“She doesn’t believe us,” Melissa giggled.

“That’s because she thinks you’re too good for drunken elevator escapades. I have to find my stuff.” Katie moved against the sea of bodies toward the bedroom, where the jackets were stored. But she stopped when she got the to doorway: Bobby and Eoin were already in there, talking as they picked up their coats.

Dammit! Bobby had found Eoin before she’d been able to explain. She hadn’t wanted that to happen. She’d wanted to break it to him gently, she wanted him to hear about her new relationship from her. And she wanted Eoin to find out about Bobby from her. Damn David and his unborn child!

Maybe there was still time. She hovered around the door way, eavesdropping.

“Katie? Sure, I know her,” Eoin said pleasantly in his kind, sexy, Irish accent.

“Do you know her well?” Bobby asked.

You Decide!

Eoin replies with: “Definitely. She’s my girlfriend. And I’ll tell you this only because you’re a stranger and I’m drunk -- but I am pretty sure I’m  in love with her.”


Eoin replies with: “Well enough. We’ve been hanging out quite a lot recently, but we’re re just friends; it’s nothing serious.”

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chapter 33: In Which Katie Comes Out Of The Closet (then goes back in again, and then comes out a second time)

Just then the door swung open and Nora glared at them. “Hurry the hell up!” she hissed. She yanked Katie inside. “Don’t you know she’ll be here any second? She just texted that she’s on her way!” Nora shoved Katie and Eoin into a closet, and Katie wondered if she could start being a better person tomorrow.

The lights were off; it was pitch dark in the closet. There appeared to be some other bodies there, with them. Katie could feel Eoin in front of her but she was being pressed in on either side by taller, bulkier bodies. Someone shifted and squished her toe. “Ow!” she whisper-cried, and someone at the back said, “Quiet!”

Katie was suddenly seized with panic. She knew that voice.

It was Rebecca.

What was she doing here? This was insanity. Who had invited her? Katie bit her lip, hard. Who knew that one little impersonation, (followed by a second impersonation in which one pretends to be the first impersonation’s identical cousin), could end up like this? Hiding in a closet at a surprise party? Katie hoped that the lights would never come on, that they’d be stuck in this dark closet for the rest of their lives.

But no. The closet door would eventually have to open, the lights would come up, and the party would go on, regardless of Katie’s fervent hopes that they get to live with the winter coats for the rest of their lives.

There was a knock on the apartment door, and the people in the closet held a collective breath. The front door opened, and Nora said, “He-ey, Melissa!”

“Open the door!” Someone hissed from behind her. Katie pushed open the closet door, and the crowd of 5 or 6 people behind her fell out into the living room. “Surprise!’ they called, along with the 12 guests who’d jumped out from behind furniture, curtains, and popped in from the kitchen.

But the person at the door was not Melissa. Standing there was a man, mid-30s, with short black hair and a somewhat stocky build, holding a bouquet of flowers, his green eyes wide, an amused look on his face.

Katie stumbled a little, Eoin catching her elbow before she pitched forward on her entirely impractical heels. “Careful, Kate,” he said, just as Rebecca caught her other elbow and said, “Watch yourself, Violet!”

And Bobby, Katie’s ex, the man whose heart she’d broken into a million-trillion pieces and then left alone after crushing their seven-year romance, lowered the bouquet and said, “Still clumsy, eh, Katie?”

Her heart seized. She had imagined this day, this minute, the moment when he’d come and find her. She’d thought about it, agonized over it, worried and dreamed about it, especially during those Terrible Four Months following the breakup. She looked at his completely familiar face. Did he want her back? Was he angry? Were those flowers for her? Had he found another girlfriend? Was he here to murder her and Eoin? Katie cleared her throat, prepared to speak --

“Everyone back in their hiding places!” called Nora, oblivious to the intensely dramatic scene that was about to unfold in her living room between Katie, her old lover, her new lover, and the woman who thought she was someone else entirely. “She’ll be here any minute!”

The crowd dispersed, Bobby heading into the kitchen. “Who was that?” asked Eoin. “And who is Violet?” Adventure-seeking Eoin could sense a mystery, and he was intrigued.

Katie had no idea what to tell him. Well, she knew what she should tell him. He had a right to know all of it, but of course she didn’t know how to tell him all of it, especially not while crammed into a coat closet with a bunch of other people.

They settled into the closet. Nearly immediately, there was a knock. Again, the group held their collective breath, as they heard Nora swing open the front door, say, “Well, hello, Melissa!”, and once more Katie pushed open the closet door and out they all tumbled, into the light.

“Surprise!” they called, with perhaps less enthusiasm than they’d had the first time around.

“Oh my goodness! A surprise? I’m delighted!” Melissa clapped her hands and squealed with such delight that only Katie would have known that Melissa wasn’t surprised, or delighted, at all.  

“Was it a surprise?” Nora came forward, clapping her hands excitedly. “Did we get you?” She slid her arm through Melissa’s and led her off toward the kitchen.

The party-goers began to drift. Someone had put on some music, and bottles were opening, drinks were flowing.

“I’m going to get us a beverage,” said Eoin, “and then you’re going to tell me who Violet is.” He ruffled her hair in a way that was surprisingly not infantalizing, headed to the bar, and Katie was alone.

Bobby was to her left. Rebecca was to her right. But the bathroom was just behind her. Katie turned on her heel and fled.

Well. So she was hiding in yet another bathroom. That made three times in as many months that she’d taken refuge in a powder room.

But seriously. Could you blame her? That was one crazy party out there. Katie sat down on the edge of the tub and wished that she’d brought a drink in here with her. There was a knock at the door.

“Just a minute!” Katie called. “I’ll be out in a sec.” She stood up and ran water into the sink, buying time. Her fingers began to prune, and she heard Bobby’s voice.

“Katie? It’s me.” He cleared his throat. “It’s Bobby.” And that made her feel so terrible. That he felt as though he had to remind her who he was. “Can I come in?”

Katie took a deep breath and opened the door. It was a moment she’d been trying to avoid for months, nearly a year. But here it was. She was doing it. She was going to face him. Finally.

But he wasn’t alone. Standing there, behind him, was Rebecca.


“Violet!” She said. “How’s it going?”

“Um....It’s Katie, actually.”

“Really? You look so much like your cousin. How did that happen?” Rebecca twirled her long blond hair. She was already a bit sauced. Clearly they’d been drinking in that closet for quite some time.

“Cousin?” Bobby asked and Katie shot him a look. It was not the tender, “I’m sorry and I’ll always care for you” look she’d been planning on bestowing upon him when she saw him again, this was a look that said, “keep it zipped if you know what’s good for you.” Luckily, their telepathic skills, honed during their 7-year relationship, were as good as ever, and Bobby knew to keep his mouth shut.

“I guess the genes are strong?” Katie shrugged.

“I suppose they are. Look, I’d love to meet up with her soon, in the near future. Her long-standing relationship with the company is really inspiring.”

“Yes, she’s really devoted.”

“Listen, honey, are you going in there?” Rebecca nudged Bobby. “Because I’ve really, really got to pee.”

“Oh, go ahead. Sorry.” Bobby stepped aside and Rebecca tottered into the bathroom. “Thanks kid.” She chucked Katie under the chin. “Come to think of it, you are Katie. Your cousin has a much prettier mouth.”

“I’ll let her know you think so,” Katie said, as the door shut on Rebecca.

“So,” Bobby said. “You’ll have to fill me in on all of that.”

“Yeah,” Katie said. “It’s a complicated story.”

“I’m sure it it,” he said. “I would expect nothing less from you.”

They stood there in silence for awhile. The party was in full swing in the next room, but any minute now Nora would appear to whisk them off to the VIP lounge. Or Eoin would show up. And Katie hadn’t really told Eoin anything about Bobby, about the breakup, about any of it. And Rebecca was going to come out of the bathroom eventually.  Katie needed to take action, she needed to make a move. But she was frozen -- it was those Terrible Four Months all over again, when she was overcome with fear.

Luckily she didn’t have to say anything, because for once Bobby spoke first. “Listen, Katie, I didn’t come back for you.”

“You didn’t?”

“No. I’m actually here …”

You Decide!

Bobby is a lawyer, and he’s here to represent Jason in his divorce with Anne


Bobby is an art collector for a major gallery in Vancouver and he’s come to check out a hot new artist’s work. “Perhaps you’ve heard of him? Eoin Verdon?”

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chapter 32: In which Katie and Eoin attend a party.

“I still have to get her a present. I’ve been such a terrible friend. I forgot her birthday!”

“You’ve had other things on your mind,” Eoin reassured her. “You’ve nothing to be worried about.”

“Yeah, well, from now until noon tomorrow, I’m all about Melissa.”

“Noon tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Sometimes these parties can get a bit wild.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“So, you want to come?” Katie asked. “Nora needs a firm number. It’s cool if you don’t want to. I mean, a lot of these people are even my friends, really. And maybe you have other plans?” She tried to be cool, she tried to be casual. After all, she and Eoin weren't, like, boyfriend-girlfriend or anything. Maybe he didn't want to have to hang out with a bunch of strangers at some cheesy VIP lounge? He shouldn't have to. And she'd be totally fine if he said no. She would definitely not read anything into it if he said no. Katie bit her thumbnail. Nope. She would be totally fine if he chose not to come with her.

"Umm." Eoin frowned a little in a way that Katie couldn't interpret. (But it doesn't matter! It doesn't matter! She reminded herself, frantically.) "Who'll be there?"

"I'm not totally sure. Me, of course, and Melissa, and her friend Nora,” (Katie tried not to roll her eyes), “and then I think a bunch of people I used to hang out with." Katie realized that she'd be seeing a lot of her old, former friends and she knew, right then, that she really wanted Eoin to be with her. Could she tell him that? Were they ready for that? Or would she appear needy? Dating was horrible. "And Melissa's ex, David. Actually, probably some of the people who were at that wedding I met you at. Maybe we actually know some people in common?" She hoped this might tempt him into coming along.

"I was only there as my friend April's date; she's the groom's cousin. So I doubt I'd know people."

Katie felt her heart contract. It wasn’t a no, but it wasn’t a yes, either. He wouldn't come. And she would have to face them all alone.

But she would be fine. She had to be. She was a grown up, after all, and grown ups had to do stuff like this on their own. After all, isn’t that why she broke up with Bobby? So she didn’t have to be one-half of a couple that lived and breathed as one? She was an independent person who didn’t need her non-boyfriend. There. That settled it. 

But then Eoin said, "But I'll know you, Katie, and I'm sure I'll make friends with the others right away. After all, everyone loves an Irishman," he said, his brogue thick and lilting.

Well. So much for her I am Woman, hear me roar-as-I-navigate-the-world-as-an-independent-being self-talk. “Are you sure?” Now she was kind of thinking she should go on her own and prove that she was wasn't dependent on a man.

“Well, if you don’t want me there....” Eoin said, but she did. She did want him there. As a friend, as support, and as someone who she could have a great time with. Katie leaned across the seat of the truck cab and kissed his cheek. "Thanks, Eoin. It'll be a much nicer party if you're there." They drove the rest of the way home holding hands on top of the stick shift.

In the end, Katie didn't get a present for Melissa. There was only time for a shower, a change of clothes, (for Katie, at least -- they weren’t nearly at a place in their budding relationship where they were leaving stuff at one anothers’ apartments), and to cram in some sandwiches while google-mapping Nora’s condo. By the time they did all that (plus some heavy petting on the couch, truth be told), they only had to race out the door.

“That’s the problem with a surprise party,” Katie panted as they raced toward the streetcar stop. “You can’t really be late. Because then you’re just the loser who couldn’t be bothered to get there and yell surprise. As though arriving without a present isn’t tacky enough.”

“When are we supposed to get there?” Eoin glanced at his wrist (it was bare -- he didn’t own a watch), and then down the streetcar tracks. There was one on its way, the lights shining in the distance.

“We’ve got 30 minutes,” said Katie. “I think we’ll make it.”

“Doesn’t Melissa already know about the surprise?”

“Yes. But we’re trying to keep the surprise intact for Nora’s sake.”

“The drama never ends with women, does it?”

“Don’t be sexist,” Katie scolded.

“Fine. The drama never ends with you Canadians, then.”

Katie shook her head. “Actually, we’re much better known for our comedy.”

27 minutes later they were racing up the stairs of Nora’s building, where they were meeting first before heading out to the Rococco Room.
They slid into the elevator and pressed Nora’s floor when a voice called out, “Hold the elevator!” Eoin stuck out a hand and stopped the door from closing just as Katie realized, “Hey! It’s Melissa!”

Melissa, with her head down, stepped into the elevator with them. “Thanks for holding it,” she said. She was rummaging around in her purse and didn’t seem to notice Katie. “Could you please press 24?” Melissa found her phone, punched in a number, while Eoin silently pressed the “door closed” button.
Katie’s phone began to ring. Staring at the back of Melissa’s head, she answered it. “Hello?”


“Yes?” Katie started to giggle.

Melissa spun around. Katie waved at her. “Hi!”

The elevator doors slid open. “Surprise!” said Katie. “We’re a little late.”

Melissa and Katie hugged, and the door slid shut again. “Do you guys want to ride down?” Eoin’s long fingers hovered over the button pad. “Or should we take this party up to the penthouse?”

“I guess we should go to Nora's,” said Melissa. “I’m not really dressed for an elevator.” She was wearing slim black jeans and a great silver-sequined jacket over a white tank top.

“Me neither,” said Katie, who was wearing a French Connection top (which she’d inherited from Melissa) as a tunic. “This is far too cute to share with only the two of you.”

“Agreed. Tell you what. I’ll ride the elevator up and down a couple of times, and you two head into the party before me. That way, we keep up the illusion of the surprise party, and we don’t disappoint Nora,” said Melissa. She waved as the doors slid shut.

“God forbid we upset Nora,” Katie muttered under her breath.

“What was that?” Eoin asked, so pleasantly.

“Nothing,” she smiled brightly, making up for the sourness in her stomach she always felt around Nora. She didn’t want him to know the mean, childish parts of her. Not yet, anyway. She didn’t want him to know that sometimes she was not a nice person. She vowed then and there that she would become a better person immediately.

Just then the door swung open and Nora glared at them. “Hurry the hell up!” she hissed. She yanked Katie inside. “Don’t you know she’ll be here any second? She just texted that she’s on her way!” Nora shoved Katie and Eoin into a closet, and Katie wondered if she could start being a better person tomorrow.

The lights were off; it was pitch dark in the closet. There appeared to be some other bodies there, with them. Katie could feel Eoin in front of her but she was being pressed in on either side by taller, bulkier bodies. Someone shifted and squished her toe. “Ow!” she whisper-cried, and someone at the back said, “Quiet!”

Katie was suddenly seized with panic. She knew that voice. 

You Decide!

Who does the voice belong to?

1. Melissa’s ex-fiance Dave (who Katie humilated at a wedding a few weeks ago)
2. Mr Ambrose, Katie and Melissa’s boss
3. Rebecca, the business woman who thinks Katie is also “Violet Marsh”.
4. Katie's mother