Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jenny's First Giveaway!

So, there are a lot of book review blogs out there, and I read some of them. (Not all of them. Because then seriously--I'd never eat. Or bathe. Or write. Because there are a lot of people reviewing books online, people).

Sometimes the book review blogs will let people win the book they've just reviewed--they get copies from publishers or writers.

Well, as a thank you to my faithful readerfriends, I too am going to give away books! But here's the thing: I will only give away the books that I win from other blogs. (No publishers are giving me free books to give away. Not yet, anyway....)

So! The first book I'm going to give away is called Violets of March, by a ladywriter named Sarah Jio. I won this book from the book review site Chick Lit is Not Dead.

Here is a little synopsis:

Ten years ago, Emily wrote a best-seller and married the handsome Joel. Now she's suffering from writers' block and Joel has left her for another woman. Emily retreats to her great aunt's place on Bainbridge Island, where she discovers a red velvet diary, within which is a mystery no one on the island wants to help her solve....A little bit romance, a little bit intrigue, a little bit history and a little bit humour.

This book can be yours! I will send it anywhere in the world (or I will once Canada Post get their demands met and they can stop the strike)!

All you have to do is answer this question:

How did Katie meet Bobby? I've been trying to figure out the genesis of their relationship and I'm not sure about it yet. Did they

A) Meet on the subway one day when Bobby forgot his tokens and Katie paid his fair;
B)Take a first aid course together at a downtown community centre;
C)You make it up! Tell me your idea of how they met!

I will randomly select the winner by placing all your names in a hat. And don't forget to leave your email address (do the whole mynameATgmailDOTcom business) and I'll let you know if you've won!

Contest will end in one week.'ve got til bedtime on Thursday June 30th!


  1. I like option a. I just started reading your blog after seeing a link from Shopping Detox. it is a really cool concept & I like the story so far, (I have a bit of catching up to do!)

  2. Hey Theresa, welcome! Glad you've found us. I only post a chapter once a week so hopefully that gives you time to catch up!

  3. Oh, and Theresa-- you didn't leave an email address! Please let me know how I can contact you so you can win. You call always message me directly at jennysryanATgmailDOTcom if you're uncomfortable leaving your address here.

  4. My email address is I am getting closer to catching up. I am enjoying it a lot so far! I think that a story format this way is a great idea!

  5. yey theresa! i will send you the book soon. glad you're having fun with the story!