Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Bit of Self Promotion

I recently agreed to do a fashion shoot for the local paper, PlanetS.

Please note, these photos are totally Safe-For-Work. This is not a secret, scandalous iPhone photo shoot. Unlike some up-and-coming stars, (Blake Lively! Naked pictures! What were you thinking? Where was your mother?? And can we now refer to you as Blaked Lively???), I prefer to photograph fully clothed.

I'm wearing rubber boots! It's fashion, Saskatoon-style!

And it also references my blog, so it's totally allowed to be posted here. 


  1. You look so much better in this fashion photo than Naked Blake looks in her Naked Blake photos, for the record. I think it may be the boots.

  2. Thanks Ann. (You're good at this....)

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