Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hey gang!

Just a quick note to let you know that the novel "Falling Backwards" that I was writing over at is now complete! I had lots of fun writing it, but it was TONS of work. Very rewarding, but it ate my life for 11 weeks.

But now it's done and I'm now ready to delve back into Katie's story here. Hooray!

But...we're going to have to wait just a couple more weeks, as I am off to Spain for a couple of weeks -- I'm treating myself after my Fiction Express adventure.

So I hope that you'll all be ready to get back into the story once I return to it in March. Oh! and many thanks to my friends who were able to help write chapters while I was writing my other book!

xoxo jenny


  1. Congrats about Fiction Express, and have a blast in Spain! Looking forward to Katie's continuing chapters!

  2. I suppose I can wait whilst you traipse off and have fabby-fab Spanish adventures and little old me is sitting here in my drab existence. Really, my only excitement in any given week was living vicariously through Katie and, although Falling Backwards was a terrific story, it did not have the, shall we say, "spice" that can be interjected into YWGTBF because of it's teen-ish plot. So, have a great time, but remember I'll be needing to see some "spice" in the next chapter...