Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's Catch-Up Time!

Many people have let me know that while they're still totally engrossed in Katie's story, they're having a hard time keeping up. The weather got nice, and people went on trips, had babies, grew vegetables, painted their porches, fell in love, suffered breakups, read novels, attended festivals, and turned off the Internet and went out in canoes. Some people even went swimming! Lucky ducks.

Essentially, people started living their Summer Time Lives (especially those who live in places like Sasktoon, Saskatchewan, where we cram 12 months of fun into two, because we only have two months to be outside sans snowsuit).

So I've decided to take the rest of the summer off writign new chapters and give readers a chance to catch up. I'll be back in September with Chapter 27!

During this "break", while you are all busy reading voraciously, I'll be redesigning the site a bit. I think we need a "Recap" page, and a "Characters" page. Can you think of any other tabs I could add to make things even better? Please leave suggestions below!



  1. I’ll be waiting eagerly for Kate’s return!
    Since it is winter down here (I live in Brazil), there’s nothing I would like better than to read one of her stories with of a big, hot, mug of tea in my hands…
    Your writing is simply amazing!

  2. Hi Bruna! Thanks for the lovely, kind words. You totally made my day.

    Isn't it funny that I'm in the middle of summertime, and you're looking for hot tea and warm stories to keep out the winter? The world is big and crazy.

    I'll be back soon!


  3. I'm working outside and sweating and thinking winter sounds pretty darn good right now. And in January, when my nostrils freeze shut the minute I step outside because it's minus 35, I'll be wishing it was August. Canadians are chronically dissatisfied.
    I miss Katie! However, I do understand that some people have been at the lake (sigh!) so I will try to be patient.
    I think it would be cool to have pics of the characters - maybe create an avatar of each of the main ones? Or use live models (I'm sure a certain frugal gal would pose...)?

  4. Enjoying the chapter summaries page! This will be most helpful. :) If I were reading your material in paperback, I probably would gobble it up pretty quickly, so having the little refresher will help keep me going! Haha.