Monday, August 1, 2011

This has never happened before...

You guys! Something has happened that has never happened before. I have a tie. And no one will break it!

I have four people who want Bobby to show up, and four people who want Melissa to show up. I am supposed to post a new chapter today or tomorrow and hands are tied!

So how long do I wait? Do I break the tie myself? How would that work? I would be influencing the story if I decide. Is that okay?

Please. Someone. Vote. Otherwise I'm going to have to become the author, which wasn't the plan. Was it?

Sigh. I'm all confused. The point of this experiment was that I wouldn't have to think. And now I have to think.

It's a long weekend in Canada. Maybe when people dig themselves out of the fun of summertime weekends they'll remember they have a responsibility to my novel. Until then...I might have to break the tie! Hang in there. We'll have to see how this goes.

EDIT: The Internet is magic! I sent out an urgent request for a reader to weigh in and Nina came to the rescue within MINUTES. Hooray! The story will go on!

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